Revealing Ourselves

Welcome back, everybody! Oh, what? Have you not been here before? That’s fine, we’ll have enough time to discover each other and I’m glad you’ve arrived just on time to board with us on this amazing journey. Do you love travelling? Are you a student? Do you like photography? Are you looking to move abroad? Are you just applying for your new job/ are you in between job? Are you passionate about cooking or shopping? Look…no matter who you are and what you love, THIS PLACE IS FOR YOU! I don’t say you’ll like all the content, but I promise there will be at least one aspect over here that will inspire you. Without further introduction, let’s meet Packman.

 Andrei Cojocaru Packman

So, you’ve probably wondering who we are. Well it’s Andrei and Alex here- nice to meet you- and we are…well we are just like you, a MAN ready to PACK in his/ her life journey. We are young, full of love and joy, ready to make the most out of each experience. OK, down to earth now, we are two Romanian students currently living in UK who decided to share their stories with others. We are not going to lie, we are a bit nervous at the moment, but bear with us, give us a chance and you’ll see we have great things to say.


Packman   Packman

This first post is not meant to approach any particular aspect, but it rather aims to help us build a relationship with you- at the end of the day, this is ALL ABOUT YOU. What we really want is to discover you as well, so please leave a comment down below with a short description of yourself and a passion. Until next time, keep positive and don’t forget what we said at the start- we are just like you- so come on, you must love yourself (and if you don’t, you better do), so show us some love too.

Make Packman feel welcome on the blogosphere, he is nervous too, but loves you all!


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