Morocco- Marrakesh to Merzouga

We are strong believers that by carefully planning your trip, you’ll discover as much of Morocco as you possibly can. We tend to do a lot of research, chopping and changing our route more than a few times. So we’ll carry on from where we’ve left it in our previous post. We’ll leave Marrakesh and […]

Let’s Uncover Cape Verde

Do you fancy some winter sun and run out of any ideas? Are you in two minds about booking a trip to Cape Verde? In all honesty, we were just like that not long ago! You know us- hiking, backpacking, packed itineraries… How is this gonna fit us? Well it couldn’t have been more perfect […]

Revealing Ourselves

Welcome back, everybody! Oh, what? Have you not been here before? That’s fine, we’ll have enough time to discover each other and I’m glad you’ve arrived just on time to board with us on this amazing journey. Do you love travelling? Are you a student? Do you like photography? Are you looking to move abroad? […]